A correct starting point is critical

There are two important points for any successful journey, the start point and the end point. Using this analogy of a journey, we could call the good things of God: health, prosperity, peace and joy, etc the end point. They are the things we are pursuing, where we want to get to. The Bible is full of directions on how to reach these goals, the problem is that most people neglect to check their starting point. The best directions in the world will get you lost if you are starting in the wrong place! Left, right, left.. oops, I’m lost.

The correct starting point and the only way the Bible directions work is to understand the following: God is 100% good and He is never the initiator of evil. God loves me unconditionally and wants only success for me. Jesus takes away all my sin and makes me righteous before God (no exceptions). The devil is the evil one who steals, kills and destroys. God has given me the power through Jesus to live an overcoming life.I have God’s authority and power to heal the sick and drive the devil away in every area of my life. God is not the one holding out on us, His nature is to give, it’s us who need to learn how to receive through faith.

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