With Jesus you are powerful!

As a passenger in a car, you have no control over where the driver of the vehicle takes you. You can request to go right but if they choose to turn left, then left it is.

Before we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we were like passengers in the “car” of our lives. Sin was in the driving seat and we were its slaves. Sin took us wherever it wanted us to go.

After receiving Jesus, we were set free and empowered by Him to sit in the drivers seat. No longer were we taken along for the ride as powerless victims but we were given everything we needed to turn our lives around. We now have access to the keys, steering wheel, gearshift and foot pedals. In Jesus we have everything we need to be victorious.

The problem is too many Christians are sitting in the driver’s seat but are still thinking like passengers. Like passengers,
they are waiting for something to happen, usually for God to do something to change their lives.

We need to stop thinking like “passengers” (powerless victims) and start thinking like “drivers (Overcomers). We have the full power of God residing in us through Jesus. We need to change the way we are thinking and start exercising the authority the Jesus has given us to change our situations and circumstances.

We are not leaves blown around by the wind, we are children of the most high God! Let’s engage with the power of Jesus within us and live victorious lives.

Enforcing the victory
Be effective by knowing what you have
Our minds are the battlefield
Your tongue steers your life


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